Cannot increase log level in Bonita Docker image


It seems to be impossible to increase the log level of Bonita while using the Docker image.

What I tried so far:

  • using the official BONITA_SERVER_LOGGING_FILE environment variable described in the documentation

  • using a custom *.sh script placed in /opt/custom-init.d (following the "How to extend this image" paragraph that can be found in the description of the Bonita Docker image

  • using a custom Docker image based on the original Bonita one, shipping it with an already modified (avoiding the use of a custom script)

  • same thing as above, but this time also reverting this commit

The only way I am able to increase the log level is by editing the java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level parameter of the logging.awk file (line 8).
As written in the comment above that line, that parameter seems to change globally the minimum level to log. Hence, by setting it from INFO to FINEST, I am able to see a lot of logs, but the disk space fills up soon as the number of logs is really high.

It seems that it is not possible edit the log level in a granular way, like it is possible to do in a non-Docker setup, setting to FINEST only the org.bonitasoft.level parameter.


Docker (tag: bonita:2021.1)

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Mattia Biondi
5 days ago

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Mattia Biondi

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