Can't Open UI designer


I was guided by Q & A answerer to post here.

After the installation of Bonita Studio Community and Bonita Platform in reference to the document, I started Bonita Studio and Bonita Platform(Of course configured environment variable JRE_HOME).
They worked well.
Then, I made a new diagram and pushed "Open UI designer" button, but the browser displayed "404."

This trouble looks same to the one on the Bonita documentation, but ui-designer.log is a little bit different.
For example, in ui-designer.2021-02-15.log, there are "Unhandled exception"(line 15) and "500 Internal Server Error"(line 19),
and in .log, "Failed to post on ..." (line 6113) and "Not Found (404) - The server has not found anything matching the request URI"(line 6177).


Bonita: community 2021.1 (Build id: 7.12.1)
JAVA: Ver.8 update281
OS: Win10 professional 20H2
Browser: Google Chrome 88.0.4324.150


No workaround.


T. Imai
April 22, 2021, 12:04 AM

What does “Fixed” in the Resolution field mean? Is there any workaround in the current version?

I started to build the system on the Ubuntu Linux, it works well.

But I hope this is fixed in the next version

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T. Imai

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