Bonita 7.9.4 not displaying correctly



I have built bonita from the given link:, and then built bonita-studio to get the macOS version of the app.
On running the app, this is what I see in the GUI.

Data Tab

General Tab

I cannot see any information or fields, neither can I add data.
Is this a bug, or is my installation corrupted?
(I also built 7.9.2, and it resulted in the same problem)



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Abizer Lokhandwala
October 7, 2019, 3:04 PM

I noticed that the executable is not built properly when builidng bonita’s dependencies through the local terminal, but on doing it through an X Server’s GUI or on your own machine, it works properly. Not sure why this happens though, hope it helps.

Antoine Mottier
October 7, 2019, 9:07 PM

As you can see in the build script X server is required to build Bonita. In fact, in order to generated definition of graphic model for Bonita Studio a build of Bonita Studio at an early stage must be executed and Bonita Studio requires an X server on Linux. So this behavior of the build script is expected.

We are now investigating what is the issue with the build script to display properly the tabs.

Abizer Lokhandwala
October 7, 2019, 9:24 PM

Right, when I had faced this issue, I built it without an X server, and commented out the line in the build script that checks if your X server is up or not. You can use that to recreate the problem if needed.

Antoine Mottier
October 15, 2019, 12:56 PM

I managed to reproduce the issue. It is related to a patched Eclipse plugin that is not correctly included bundle with the Bonita Studio (we included the original version of the plugin instead the patched one).

We investigating the build process to understand what can cause this issue.

Antoine Mottier
October 31, 2019, 8:40 AM

I managed to isolate the issue. I have two scenarios to build Bonita Studio: one that reproduce the issue, one that lead to a successful build. In both case, before running the Maven build I do: rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/.cache
and rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/.meta

  • Successful: ./mvnw clean verify -DskipTests -Pdefault,all-in-one 2>&1 | tee test-success-05.log

  • Display issue: ./mvnw clean verify -DskipTests -Pdefault,generate,all-in-one 2>&1 | tee test-success-04.log

The only difference between the two execution is the usage of generate profile.

I compare the two build logs looking for “tabbed” (i.e. the plugin that is patched and used for the display of tabs at the bottom of Studio window) and here are my observations:

  • Only when I use generate profile I got the following line: [INFO] Fetching from (40,71kB)

  • Fetch from is done in 7.9.4 task

  • is performed after building the patched plugin (

So I guess that we override the patched version of the plugin we built by the official one we fetch from

As generate profile is only needed if we edit the model definitions and as this operation is usually done in an IDE (that is also used to perform the generation of source code) I removed the generate profile from our build script.

The latest version available on master branch should now result in a fully functional Studio build.



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